Removing Bees in a Chimney

Honey bees like to be nice and high up and a queen bee commonly sets up her hive in chimneys. If the chimney serves a real fire you may look at how to smoke bees out. however this is not something to try yourself without the fire brigade outside because the wax and honey will melt and the chimney will probably catch fire.

If you do have bees in the chimney causing you problem,  relocation is not an option in this situation. Bee removal action can be taken, but we need to consult with you at length first. Bees nest removal cost can be high in these circumstances. Access equipment like a cherry picker or scaffolding is very often required and over an extended period, as we may need to make several visits. It can be expensive.

If we are to carry out bee removal, we need to proof the area afterwards to prevent any other bees entering the space and stealing tainted honey. There’s a lot to consider.

The good news is that with the correct access equipment and properly protected operatives we are able to offer a bee removal service for bees in chimneys. Not only will be remove the issue, but we can advise on the measures require to protect you property from future bee nesting.

 The Problem

Finding a bee swarm or nest in a chimney can cause the building occupants significant problems whether at a residential property or a business. As well as not being able to use the chimney, you will often find that some of the bees, bees wax and honey come down the chimney and enter the house. This can cause real issues that cannot just be ignored. Honey bees store honey to see them through the winter, so the colony will get bigger, and the problem worse, year on year.

  • In depth telephone consultation
  • Assessment of whether relocation is viable
  • Provision of all access equipment required
  • Bee proofing to prevent return
  • Proofing of chimney to prevent a return

If you choose to proceed we will plan the operation for you based on your wishes, and provide all access equipment needed, be it scaffolding, cherry pickers or work from ladders. The technicians will carry out the work as agreed and then proof to prevent a re-occurrence in the future.

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