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At Guardian Wasp and Bee Management, we specialise in wasp control and prevention, and can also assist with bees nest removal and bee swarm relocation. If you are wondering how to get rid of a wasps nest, call the wasp removal specialists.

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Whether it is a one off pest eradication requirement at your home, at a business premises, or a long term solution in the food service industry, we have the solutions.

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Wasp Prevention Service Explained...

Integrated Wasp Management

At Guardian we specialise in emergency wasp extermination and long term wasp management for commercial operations like parks, restaurants, pubs and cafes with outdoor seating. Our tried and tested approach utilising unique and strategically placed Wasp Interceptor Traps takes advantage of a wasp’s complex system of communication and uses it against them. We can usually resolve the immediate wasp problem WITHIN 24 HOURS and get bums back on seats. We then set up a long term wasp prevention solution to give you a WASP FREE SUMMER. See our Wasp Management section

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