Wasp Nest Removal

Finding a wasp nest is a disconcerting sight, and a trained technician should be sought to evaluate whether the wasp nest is active or not.

Under no circumstances can or should we or anyone else remove a live wasp nest on the day of treatment. The insecticide needs to be allowed to work through the nest, which usually takes about 48 hours.

Once there is no activity, we can return to remove the nest as well as an additional service. Wasp nest removal is still best done by a professional, just in case there is still some activity. The wasp nest is cut down and disposed of in line with legislation.

 The Problem

A wasp nest at your property or business premises is a nuisance at best, and a potential danger to your family or customers at worst.  Never try getting rid wasps yourself. A wasp nest can contain thousands of individuals and the colony will quickly switch into attack mode if threatened. Wasp nest removal should only be considered by qualified professionals wearing the correct protective equipment and anti-sting suits.

  • Rapid Response Call Out
  • Evaluation if the nest if active
  • Insecticidal treatment if there is activity
  • Removal and disposal if the nest is already dead

If there is no sign of activity we can remove the nest on the day of the visit. If there is activity we need to treat with insecticide and return at a later date to remove the nest.

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