Bee Swarm Removal

A large swarm of bees is a very disconcerting sight. You will see a honey bee swarm when a queen leaves a nest with a large group of workers to form a new colony.

A swarm of bees can contain thousands of individuals. They are not normally anything to worry about in terms of getting stung, although you must leave the swarm alone.

However, the issue is that if you have a swarm of honey bees on or around your property, there is something about the area that they like and there is a real danger of the queen bee creating her new nest on your property somewhere, and potentially in your chimney, where it will be very difficult to deal with.

The good news is that with the correct protective equipment we are able to offer a bee swarm removal and bee swarm relocation service. As long as we can reach the bee swarm, we can literally ‘pour’ them into a container and move them somewhere where they won’t be disturbing people and causing alarm.

 The Problem

A swarm is a large group of bees that have clumped together out in the open prior to finding a location to start a new home. At this stage they will not yet have built any comb. You may be concerned that the bees are going to build a nest nearby thus causing further concern and disruption.

  • Rapid Response Call Out
  • Assessment by a qualified operative
  • Humane capture of the bee swarm
  • Transport to relocation site

The colony is transported to a selected managed apiary well away from your location. The bees are then put into productive service as pollinators and producers of honey, beeswax and pollen.

Normality is restored to your home or business, safe in the knowledge that the bees have not been harmed.

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