Wasp Problem Prevention for Businesses

Wasps can locate a food source from up to a mile away and have a scouting system in place to find it. Once a forager or scout wasp has found food, it will signal to the colony.

The cavalry then arrives and will keep coming until the food source is exhausted. The source could be around bins, extractors, or just people continually bringing food and drinks outside to enjoy the sunshine.

We Can Stop Your Wasp Problem At Source

 The Problem

When wasps disrupt businesses where people spend a lot of time outdoors, such as pubs, cafes and theme parks, there are often negative stories on social media before you as the business owner or manager even find out about it.

This can be severely damaging to business reputation and income. What is required is an immediate solution to get bums back on seats… and a long term plan to prevent it re-occurring and give you peace of mind.

That’s exactly what we do. For any wasp control method to work, it is important to understand the behavioural patterns they have and how these can be turned against them.

Our integrated wasp prevention and management service is available countrywide and offers an emergency wasp extermination service to rapidly tackle the immediate wasp removal problem; alongside a long term management plan.



We utilise the behaviour of the wasps and turn it against them, applying our expertise and experience to set up strategic placement of perimeter scent traps to head the scout wasps off at the pass and give you a wasp free summer.


In consultation with you we determine what is needed to provide an effective wasp removal plan, including identifying what’s attracting them and where they may be coming from.


We explain the specifics of the overall wasp control plan and the findings and results of the initial inspection.


We explain in depth the behaviour, diet and habitat of wasps to you and your staff so that you can take measures to prevent wasps becoming an on-going problem.


We implement the integrated wasp prevention management plan using strategically placed baited interceptor traps. We may also need to adapt things on site to move the wasps away from your customers.

On-Going Management

We set up on-going monitoring so that we can adapt the strategy if needed and top up the special wasp trap interceptors to ensure a wasp free summer and maximise your revenue.

How does Preventative Wasp Management work?

Wasps are very sensitive to scent and can locate food from a great distance. The colony sends out scouts to look for a food source, and when one of these scouts does find food, the message is sent out to the workers. The worker wasps then arrive en masse and keep coming until the food source is exhausted. At outdoor eating places, it never is.

At commercial premises, it is often impossible to find the wasps nest to treat it at source, and the problem wasps may be from many different nests (although they will never mix at the same table!).

Standard domestic and commercial wasp traps concentrate on trying to kill wasps in large numbers. The design of them is such that the scout can escape the trap and communicate the location to the colony, thereby vastly increasing the numbers around the trap. A trap like this will almost certainly kill more wasps than the escape-proof trap, but only by attracting ever increasing numbers of them in your direction. This exacerbates the problem and actually increases the risk of your customers being stung, because the wasps simply keep coming.

Our Wasp Interceptor Traps take advantage of the behaviour of the scouts, but deal with the issue in a different way. They contain a specially formulated sweet attractant that scout wasps can’t resist, and allow a through-flow of air so that the scent is easily located by them. However, the key is that the trap catches and kills the scout, which can never then send the message back. So as the scouts are picked off, it becomes less and less likely that worker wasps or even more scouts will make a journey in your direction, because there is apparently no point. The workers will go to where scouts are telling them there is food, and they are not getting the message that there is any food in your direction.

We position the Wasp Interceptor Traps all around the perimeter of your premises so that whatever direction they may be coming from and whatever the wind direction, we are heading the scouts off at the pass and before they reach your outside tables and customers.


A wasp free summer and maximised revenues.


“We do not measure success by number of wasps killed, but by the increased number of people eating outside at a pub, café or restaurant”

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